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Small Wind Generator

Portable Small Wind Generators

When describing what a small wind generator is, we are usually referring to wind generators for your home or RV that typically sit on a tower or sometimes roof mounted. There are very small  generators available (see image below) that, while they wont supply your utility needs, can charge up your batteries. Like your own portable personal wind power!

Mini Kin Green Power Generator

Aside from providing energy for homes, these wind generators are also reliable battery chargers for RVs  and mobile homes as they are portable and easy to install. You wound not want to find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere and not have a fully charged battery, right? The time and cost of having these batteries charged or replaced is very substantial and running them when they are very low can shorten their lives.

Wind generators can provide a large amount of energy for RVs without the expense and exhaust of noisy generators. Most of these charging systems are made to easily integrate into the electrical network and charge the batteries automatically and quietly. With small wind generators, power is produced directly relating to the wind speed and this energy is converted to electricity.

Small wind generators are very portable and convenient. They can be used to power homes especially during power outages or if there is no available power grid. Though you can opt to have a wind turbine installed in your home, the cost  can be quite pricey. However, when you check the cost-benefit ratio of having an alternative energy source in your home, or RV, you would be happy to discover that over time there will be a big pay back in energy savings.

Small Wind Turbine- Basic Parts

There are also Do-it-yourself wind turbine kits that may cost less that those readily built which can cost at least $3000. If you are up to the challenge of building your very own wind generators, you can find home wind power kits with a list of needed materials that you can complete from your local hardware for only $200!

If you think about it, building your own wind generators using kits and guides is a far better idea than having an expensive wind turbine especially if you don’t have a budget. It is more practical and it maximizes the savings you can get from wind energy.

More and more people are realizing the advantage of using alternative energy and microgeneration play a big role in combating climate change and global warming, securing energy supplies and alleviating fuel poverty as well as creating sustainable communities. Micro wind generators are much cheaper and can give you significant savings over the years. Aside from these, newer models and designs are built to be versatile and useful even for RVs  mobile homes and boats for the charging of batteries. These newer models are quieter and  more efficient than their older counterparts. 

Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine - $ 604.00

From: GoGreenSolar.com

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