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Solar Wind Power

Solar and Wind Power Hybrids

The fusion of solar wind power technologies is helping to solve the inherent limitations of wind and solar when they are used as seperate systems. The wind is not always blowing nor is the sun always shining. A combination of these systems can facilitate higher probabilities of allowing continual power supply while potentially requiring minor storage requirements as well up the customary fuel backup system.

The Best of both Worlds

Solar wind power hybrids have a bright future as many companies are coming up with new creations and better models. My new personal favorite is made by the German company Bluenergy AG. They have created what seems to be the ultimate integrated solar vertical axis axis wind turbine. One of its advantages of course,  is that when one reserve is not obtainable, the other one may still be used to manufacture some energy.

This design is based on sailing engineering where a wind rotor is turned by two spiral shaped vanes. They report that the set up costs are not that expensive, and that it produces no sound or considerable shadowing and it can be maintained from floor level. Its upright wings can also be lowered horizontally for easier access. One interesting highlight of its design is that the solar cells are kept cooled by the revolution of the turbines which helps the cells generate more electricity.

To boost the efficiency of solar cells, it should not be turned unswervingly towards the sun when spinning. The surface of the cells have a Dendrite structure which absorbs sunlight from all angles. Current models of this solar vertical axis wind turbine range from 2 kilowatt for residences to 8 kilowatt from commercial uses.

These systems also only needs 4mph winds and is rated for speeds of up to 90mph! It also comes with an integrated inverter in its base which can provide either 120 volts or 240 volts AC into your home or otherwise net metered directly to the grid. The system is also easily scalable.

Bluenergy Solarwind unit

Image above: Diagram of Bluenergy AG's SolarWind Hybrid using flexible solar film over two spiral vanes. The solar cells are kept cool by the rotation of the turbine. Current models range in output from 2KW for homes to 8KW for commercial use. According to the company, the system needs wind of only 4mph and is power rated for speeds up to 90mph! The system comes with an integrated inverter that delivers either 120v or 240v AC into a home or net metered to the grid.

Solar Wind Combos -Fusion Power!

Rumor has it that Motorola will test this solar wind power blend as an option to reduce diesel generation on off-grid sites. This power system is propositioned as a green substitute by means of fuel generators when a key grid connection is not accessible, or it would take too long to have a connection set up. It has also been claimed that this equipment has applications both in developing and developed countries. Western operators may be as interested in this technology as a way of dropping car emissions and operational costs more so now that electricity costs are estimated to increase up to 30 to 40 percent in the coming years.

Less maintenance is required for stations powered by solar wind combos as opposed to diesel driven generators, which usually need a monthly call for refueling. Diesel power is not cheap espacially in places where there is no power grid and fuel needs to be transported. Moreover, the fuel could be siphoned off by thieves. Aside from this issue, diesel generators are still cheaper to set up but higher operation costs offset this.

Comparing the price of what it costs to purchase and own a fuel energy system, as well as the factors that affects the quality of service and costs, maintenance and system requirements, a solar wind combo system is way cheaper than fuel use. When we talk about the conservation of the environment, combining alternative energy sources like wind and solar make for one hot topic. Many organizations and agencies are starting to get involved. Many companies are also working to come up with better models and new technologies for maximizing alternative energy sources. 

The future looks bright for solar wind power hybrids, especially with companies like Bluenergy AG starting to create such innovative designs. Further studies and tests are always needed to ensure that new systems will be able to work according to expectations. I will be keeping you abreast of new developements as I discover them which you will be able to find on our NEWS page.

wind and solar unit

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